Wednesday, February 2, 2011

:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l ::

:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: is an upcoming exhibition at George Paton Gallery (March 2011), by Hermione and collaborator Henriette Kassay-Schuster.

:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: is a co-production with the next public exhibition taking place in Berlin in June 2011.

:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: is currently in creative development - here are some preview stills

As I Lay Dying

A a collaborative photography/video/intallation project with artists Rachel Peachy and Paul Mosig of Racket. As I Lay Dying is a work in progress, one we hope to exhibit sometime in 2011.

Nocturne: Alone

Nocturne: Alone is an installation by MerryVerso, an artistic collaboration between artist Hermione Merry & filmmaker Nicholas Verso.

Supported by Yarra Ranges Cultural Grants Program, Nocturne: Alone explores the space between the two and three-dimensional, dreaming and reality.

Opening/Launch on Wednesday the 16th February 2011
Outside Montrose Library
Cnr Mount Dandenong Tourist Road & Swansea Road

Installation continues nightly from 16/02/2011 - 15/03/2011

Below are stills from the video footage